Outdoor shots from French Alps and one from Glacier National Park

Karol Zielonko's Web Site

My name is Karol Zielonko. I'm a software engineer and live with my wife Mary and son Matty in beautiful Needham, Massachusetts.

I'm learning a little about Web Development among other things as part of attaining a master's degree at Brandeis's Rabb School and hopefully re-tooling my software engineering career after spending 20 or so years working on the venerable VMS operating system whose sun is setting before mine is even nearly ready. (The nerve!)

Needing a project for my Web Devo. class I dug out an old unfinished HTML project from years back documenting a cycling trip I took to France in y2k and converted it to use XHTML and CSS. Herein is the result.

What's New

  • (October 1, 2007): Redesigned using XHTML and CSS. Also updated stale links on various pages and added more blathering in the Mt. Washington section of Bike Links
  • (March 21, 2001): Bike trip to France days 1 - 3 done

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